How to spot the ‘bombshell’ in the new ‘Teen Mom’ season: Teen Mom OG season 2 premieres this week!

The new season of Teen Mom is set to premiere on Friday, October 13th on MTV. 

But while the series has been a huge success for the brand, it also has some serious issues with its first season, according to Teen Mom alum Lauren Collins, who stars in the series.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Collins revealed the shocking twist in season 1, when the series was initially set up as a prequel to Teen Mother’s debut.

“We wanted to make the show so we could have it be the real beginning of our relationship with my mom and my relationship with this show,” Collins said.

“But it wasn’t until that point that I knew that was the case.”

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Collins said she was upset when she discovered that the entire season was based on a fictionalized account of her mother.

“It was really painful because I knew it was going to be true, but I knew the show would be a huge hit,” Collins explained.

“I was like, ‘I want this to be the truth.'”

“I was really upset and really disappointed,” she continued.

“And I just felt like the whole world should know what happened.”

Collins was in tears as she spoke about the episode where she and her mom are told that they are the first to be invited to their parents’ wedding.

Collins explained that the moment was meant to be a bittersweet moment for her mom, and that she feels like she did the right thing by revealing it.

“I think that’s why I feel so upset,” Collins told MTV News.

“It was very sad.

It was a really sad thing to see.

And it was a lot of people saying things like, you know, you’re doing a great job of being your own mom.

It just felt very unfair to me.

I think it was just the wrong way to do it.”

Collins said that she has already started writing her character’s character’s backstory for season 2, and is hoping that she can eventually tell the full story of her and her mother’s relationship, as well as why her character became pregnant with a child after the first season.

“You don’t know how long I’m going to keep doing it,” Collins added.

“That’s my goal.”

For more on Teen Mom, stay tuned to MTV News for all the latest.

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