When the carpet is soft, the body’s softest place is the neck

I know that most people will immediately say, “Oh, no, that sounds horrible.”

But when you have a neck injury, it can be especially difficult to breathe.

So if you’re a musician, you probably think about what your next instrument will sound like.

Maybe you’re considering a piano.

Maybe a harp.

Or maybe you’re planning to play the guitar, or maybe you’ve got a bass.

But you’ll be surprised at how many people who are seriously injured don’t realize the extent of the pain.

So, here are the three most common ways you might get injured.


Neck compression/straining syndrome The neck compression/string strain syndrome is a common condition that can be triggered by a number of things, but it’s most common in the neck area.

In this condition, a person’s neck is tightly compressed, so it’s more difficult to breath, and they can’t hold their breath.

The neck may also become swollen, so they feel they’re choking.

The person might also have a slight neck strain, which can cause the affected part of the neck to feel a bit tight.

But if this condition is triggered by an accident, or by a neck or neck ligament injury, the pressure can also lead to other problems, such as the neck muscles contracting.

The worst part about neck compression syndrome is that it can affect all parts of the body, so if it happens to the left side of your neck, for example, it could affect your back, neck, or your muscles.

And that could make it harder to perform the tasks that require a lot of neck strength.


Neck strain/strain syndrome While this is not a neck compression, it is related to it, and it’s also a neck strain.

In these situations, the neck can become tight, and you might feel like you’re choking or suffocating.

And when you’re sitting or standing up, you might have a little neck strain or strain to the shoulders, so you can feel like the muscles on your arms are tightening up.

And while neck strain is a real condition, there’s nothing that can cause it, so this is probably the most common form of neck strain you’ll see.


Neck pain/soreness When you have neck pain or soreness, the injury may cause a painful sensation in your neck area, especially if the neck is hurting, but if it doesn’t, the damage is mostly done.

In most cases, neck pain/suffocation or neck strain usually happens when the neck isn’t strong enough to support the weight of the instrument, so the instrument is straining against the neck.

But it’s possible that there’s something else causing this injury, and that can result in other injuries, too.

Here are some other things you should know about neck pain and strain syndrome: 1.

Some people who have neck injuries have neck stiffness, which is an abnormal stretching of the muscles of the lower neck.

It can affect the position of the upper back or shoulders, as well as some parts of your chest.

2, If you have some neck pain, or if you feel some pressure or pressure in your lower back, check with your doctor to see if it’s related to a neck ligature injury.

If so, you’ll need to get surgery to fix it. 3, The pressure can be related to another injury, such a neck surgery.

If you or someone you love has a neck trauma, it’s important to get a neck X-ray or CT scan before the injury is treated.

This way, the doctor can get a better idea of what kind of injuries you have.


Sometimes neck pain can be caused by another condition, such back pain or back spasms, so there’s no need to worry about the neck hurting or constricting.


When you’re playing music, neck compression is probably not something you need to think about at all.

In fact, you can play the instrument well without it.

But as soon as your neck is compressed, the nerves that control your body start to tighten, making you feel tired, fatigued, or uncomfortable.

But this is something that can’t be prevented.

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