Victorian carpet manufacturer’s latest comeback

With a new carpet coming in, an ageing factory and new carpet customers in Australia, Victorian carpet maker Abbey has finally found its feet after a few years of relative obscurity.

The company is now the proud owner of two of the most recognisable Victorian carpet designs in Australia.

The Abbey Cascades are a collection of cottons produced by Abbey and produced in Melbourne from 2003 to 2018.

The company claims to have been in the Australian carpet business since the late 1950s, when it was the sole carpet supplier in Melbourne.

The most famous and well-known of the cottos is the Abbey Classic.

This one was designed by Australian architect Michael O’Hara.

The Victorian carpet industry was one of the earliest industries to embrace modern technology.

There were carpet makers, carpet retailers, carpet suppliers, carpet consultants and carpet consultants in Victorian carpet.

Abbey Classic is the most well-respected cotton in the Abbotbys portfolio, but it’s not the only one.

It also has the heritage of the classic Abbey cottont, the Aussie style.

“It was one that Michael O, an Australian architect, loved,” Mr O’Shailey said.

“He was very much into it.

He really loved the way it was made, the simplicity of it.”

And it was a good thing because it had a lot of the qualities that were being sought after by our Australian clients, the Victorian carpet manufacturers.

“But it was also quite a heavy duty carpet.”

Mr O’Heailey is currently designing the carpet for a new hotel in Melbourne, the Ballymore Hotel.

“The hotel’s a very big hotel.

It’s very large, it’s very modern, it has lots of natural light,” he said.

“And we’re trying to build it up to the Victorian standards of quality, durability and comfort.”

It is a huge challenge, but the Abbots are making progress.

In February 2018, the company announced that it had finished its first order for a carpet for the Baloone Hotel.

The first batch of six new carpet orders is now due to arrive in early 2019.

But Abbey hopes to expand the range of its existing carpet collections, and it has already secured a commitment from the Victorian government to produce more carpet for hotels in the state.

“We’re a very important player in the Victorian industry,” Mr Abbey said.

In the last few years, Abbey carpet has grown in popularity, but its revival is more than just a trend.

“As we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the leading carpet manufacturers in the country, and see their brands develop, it just seems like a natural progression,” Mr Smeaton said.

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