Costco’s carpet roses: €50,000 sale

The carpet roses of Costco are coming to an end.

The retailer will no longer stock the product and will not be selling it.

The price has been cut to €50 for every metre of carpet in a range of styles, including “carpets” and “bedding”.

The sales will take place from September 10 until September 20.

The range was originally priced at €120 for 100 metres. “

Our customers have made us very proud to sell the carpet roses, which will now only be available in our stores.”

The range was originally priced at €120 for 100 metres.

A second batch will be available on October 14.

The sale will be the first of a planned 100 million carpet roses sold at the retail chain.

It comes as the company has been in the news for its lacklustre performance this year.

Last month, it announced that it would no longer sell the first batch of carpet roses in the autumn, after a “sad, frustrating, and expensive” process.

The company said it was unable to produce enough of the flower, which were initially due to arrive by November 10.

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