How to Get Rid of Dirt From Your Car in 10 Easy Steps: How to Keep It From Getting Everywhere

I am sure you are thinking, why waste energy when I can get rid of dirt with this simple DIY?

Well, the answer is simple: you need to clean it.

Thats right, the best way to get rid and remove dirt is with this handy DIY.

Here is how you can do this in a few easy steps:1.

Clean your carpet: If you have a car that is in a garage or garage shed, its time to do some cleaning!

If its in a shed, you will need to get out a broom and a hose to clean the floor and walls of the shed.

If its a garage, you can remove the garage flooring and just remove the carpet and dirt.2.

Get a cleaning cloth: If its not in your garage or shed, it is also not that hard to get a cleaning tool.

I have seen a couple of people doing this with broom and some cotton swabs.

Its all about getting them clean.3.

Take out the dirt with a rag: Once the dirt has been removed from the carpet, you are left with a clean floor.

This step is pretty easy, you just need to rub the floor against the wall and the carpet will come right off.4.

Use a dustbuster: If your carpet is not in a large shed or garage, its probably not worth cleaning.

I personally do not like dustbusting my carpet, as it takes up a lot of space and takes up alot of the time, but you can use a dustbusters and put a little dirt on it.5.

Wash your carpet with a dish soap: This is where I think the DIY is going to be the hardest, and most difficult step.

Its really a wash and dry method.

The best way I have found is to soak my carpet in water for a few minutes.

After this, I dry it by putting it in the dryer for a couple hours.

After drying, you simply soak the carpet in a bucket of water.

Once dry, you rub the carpet with the cloth until it is clean.6.

Dry it again: This step can take some time as well, but once you have dry it, you do not have to do it again.

Just wash it in a dishwasher.

Once you have dried your carpet, its best to dry it again, this time using a cloth to remove the dirt from the fabric.

Its best to rinse the cloth before using it, to avoid the sticky dirt.

Once the cloth has dried, its really just a matter of washing the cloth with warm water and drying the cloth again.

You can wash the cloth at home or a professional dry cleaner, but I recommend a professional.7.

Dry the carpet again with a towel: If the carpet is in your driveway, its also a good idea to dry your carpet again, then rub it with the towel and then dry it with a damp cloth.

Once you have thoroughly dried it, use a cloth and rub it again to remove all the dirt.

If your car is in the garage, just rinse it off and dry it.8.

Dry and repeat: Once your carpet has dried completely, you need the next step.

If you didnt do this step, you could end up with a dry and dusty carpet.

I suggest washing it in hot water and rinsing with warm tap water.

Once your carpet and carpeting are dry, its finally time to take it out of the garage.

The trick is to keep it from getting anywhere in the car.

Remove all the carpeting from the car, and then use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet from the garage door and the rear of the car to remove dirt and grime from the underside of the carpet.

After that, use some cloth to rub on the carpet surface, and dry the carpet as you normally would.

Once dried, you clean the carpet thoroughly with a paper towel, and wipe the carpet to remove any remaining dirt.

You can get this DIY done at home for around $100.

You dont have to have a professional, but it would be a nice gift for someone special.

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