How to keep a home from getting overrun by bugs

The best way to keep your home safe from carpet beetles is to keep it dry, a Florida man says.

It all started last month, when a black carpet carpet replaced a burglar’s kitchen sink, according to KSL.

It’s one of several incidents that’s prompted a new Florida law requiring homeowners to clean their carpets at least twice a year, a requirement that goes into effect in January.

In a video posted on YouTube, a man walks around his home to make sure the carpet is in good condition.

It turns out, the black carpet he’s been working on is a carpet beetle.

The black carpet was replaced by a burglary suspect’s kitchen flooring.

A carpet beetle can live in carpeting and can live inside the carpet, so a carpet tile or carpet washer could have caused the damage.

After the carpet washes, it must be replaced by another contractor, according the law.

In Florida, the contractor is a licensed carpet contractor.

After a few weeks, the carpet’s carpet beetle is gone.

But it’s not gone forever.

After the carpet has been cleaned, the pest can reappear and breed.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is calling the pest a “deadly pest.”

“The carpet beetle has been around for a very long time.

It is still active and has a very bad reputation,” said Michael Bortnick, a pest control specialist with the department.

Bortnick says most carpets have been professionally treated.

He recommends cleaning your carpet in the summertime to avoid spreading the bugs to your house, especially during the cooler months of summer.

He also says it’s best to wash your carpets once a month.

Bondi Williams says her home has been burglarized in the past.

It started when a burgler took her carpets.

She said she has never experienced anything like this.

Williams says she had to put up a sign on the door warning her not to leave the carpet in a garage or driveway for fear of the carpet beetle getting into the home.

Betts said she does not want to have to clean the carpet twice a month, but has found other ways to get rid of carpet beetles, such as using a wet rag.

The carpet beetle cannot be caught in the wet so it needs to be washed with water before being washed again, she said.

Betsch, who also works with carpet beetles on his property, says the carpet beetles have also gotten into his home from other homes.

She says they are not always aggressive and are usually just there to eat a carpet.

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