How to make your own DIY carpet cleaner

In this Nov. 18, 2012, file photo, a man prepares a homemade carpet cleaner for cleaning.

The home improvement giant Lowe’s has a new carpet cleaner with an eye toward cleaning homes.

But how to buy the stuff and how to use it is a challenge.

A new carpet-cleaning product from the home improvement company Lowe’s is aimed at the homeless.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

What you need:To start, you need a few items you don’t want to lose, such as a roll of fabric or a blanket.

A sheet of plastic will do the trick, but you’ll need a pair of scissors or scissors with an adjustable blade.

You also’ll need some sort of scrubbing pad, such a plastic bag, to scrub out debris.

For this one, we recommend a damp sponge, which will make the job easier and also make cleaning the carpet cleaner easier.

For this cleaning, you’ll want to keep the surface clean of all dust, dirt and grime.

That includes any stains left on the carpet after a previous cleaning.

To keep it clean, just make sure you keep a towel around the surface and don’t put any cleaners directly on it.

And, if you’re using the cleaning pad for carpet-lawn cleaning, make sure the pad is on the surface.

You don’t need to wash your carpet before it’s cleaned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few towels or a sponge on hand to help keep the dust and grimes away.

When you’re ready to get started, start with a roll.

You’ll want a clean roll, so it won’t look dirty or greasy.

The only thing you need is some fabric or fabric softener, but don’t use bleach.

We like to use a mix of both.

You can use a thin cloth towel to help pull the dirt out of the roll, and a wet sponge to help remove any grime that may have accumulated on the floor.

For the scrubbing, you don.

You should use a wet cloth, a damp scrubbing mat or a plastic cup to scrub off any residue.

We suggest using a sponge, since it’ll leave a smoother surface for scrubbing.

You’ll also want to use one of these cleaning products:Dermablend is a liquid detergent that will scrub out any stains and gristle.

It comes in a few different shades of red and yellow.

If you have any stains on the fabric, try the lighter shade first.

A regular, wet scrubbing sponge will do just fine.

For a dry cleaning, use a towel to pull away any excess grime from the carpet.

You might want to mix in a bit of soap for extra scrubbing effectiveness.

If not, use an absorbent cleaner like Tide or Bath and Body Works for a nice, even scrub.

For cleaning the inside of your home, we like to stick to the following methods:Detergent, such the detergent from laundry detergent, is the simplest and cheapest method.

It doesn’t remove all the grime and dirt, so you can leave it on for a few hours to get it all out.

The downside is that you may not get rid of the stains as quickly as a scrub, but it’s more effective than nothing.

We like to clean our carpets with a wet, dry scrubbing solution like Tide.

We’re using Tide as our carpet cleaner, but other brands like the Tide Advantage or Tide Premium are also available.

Detergents like Dermablender or Dermabend will also do the job.

For the scrubber, you can either mix it up with a towel or use a dry sponge.

You want a medium-sized dab, but a larger one would work just as well.

For an easy scrubbing technique, try using a dry cloth, like a towel, to gently rub the surface of the carpet clean.

You could use a soft scrubbing cloth, such like a soft, water-resistant cloth towel, but the cloth should be able to absorb a lot of grime before you scrub.

A good quality scrubbing wipe like Tide is good for cleaning carpets, too.

You just need to scrub with the scrub to get the dirt and grit off.

You probably won’t need a full-body scrubber or scrub brush, though.

If you’re going to use an external scrubber such as the OneStep or the HomeAway, you might want something that can be applied to the carpet before scrubbing it.

The scrubber can be attached to the scrub, or the scrub can be rubbed directly onto the carpet surface.

This is a good way to get rid to stains and stains from previous carpet cleaning.

If your carpet has been sitting for a long time, you may want to consider an external, cleaning-like solution instead.

An external scrub will scrub away grime, but without all the

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