The Man Behind the ‘Carpet Rattle’ in the House

In the fall of 2012, Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act, which mandated that the House spend $3 billion annually on carpets for new homes and renovations.

The law required that these carpets be made of recycled materials.

But the new carpets were actually manufactured using old carpeting and a number of other materials, including wood.

A bipartisan group of senators called the American Red Cross spent hundreds of millions of dollars to lobby the House to use recycled carpeting in new homes.

Congress passed a new law in 2015 that requires that new homes be constructed from recycled materials, but the American Association of Realtors, a lobbying group for real estate companies, spent more than $500,000 lobbying Congress to kill the new law.

The American Association for Realtor says it spent $2.7 million lobbying Congress on the issue in 2017.

The lobby group has argued that Congress has not spent enough money on the carpet program to meet its spending targets and is trying to increase spending.

But in a report released earlier this year, the American Housing Alliance, a nonprofit organization that promotes home building, argued that the BPA does not require Congress to spend enough on the program.

According to the AHA, Congress has already spent more on the carpets than the entire budget of the American Health and Human Services Department.

AHA President and CEO David S. Schlosser told the Center for Public Integrity that Congress should “take action to increase the amount of the program and ensure it is effective.”

AHA Executive Director Mary Beth Ahern also argued in the report that Congress is not spending enough to meet the carpet requirement, which is part of the $15 billion that Congress requested for the program in 2018.

She said that if Congress does not address the carpet problem, it will be harder for taxpayers to afford the carpots that need to be made.

Ahern said that she is worried that lawmakers are not paying attention to the issue because they “don’t think of it as an environmental issue.”

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