Why mold on carpets could be dangerous

When you’re a pet owner and you notice mold on your carpets, you might think it’s a sign of mold and mildew.

But a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives finds that mold is actually a sign that the carpets are being exposed to mold spores.

“Mold spores are very persistent, and it’s not just in the carpet,” study co-author Eric D. Krasnoff, a biogeochemist at the University of Minnesota, told Business Insider.

“It’s in the fibers as well.”

The researchers collected soil samples from two Minnesota towns and then looked for traces of mold spores on the surfaces of the carp.

The researchers found that more than 95% of the samples tested positive for mold spores, compared to just 1% of samples that were not tested.

But what exactly do you do with those spores?

To find out, the researchers ran a microbial profiling tool that analyzed the microbial activity in the samples.

The team then ran a model to predict the likelihood of finding mold on a particular sample.

When the model guessed that mold was likely to be present, the team collected samples from all the towns they tested and then compared the results with the microbial profiles of those samples.

They found that the samples that had a higher microbial profile were more likely to have been tested for mold.

The authors say that this is important because the microbial profile may be a useful predictor of a person’s risk of developing mold, and they say that when you’re doing research on microbes in the environment, the higher your microbial profile, the more likely you are to find mold.

Krosnoff added that the findings show that you don’t have to use a mold test to test a person for mold infection.

If you have a mold-detection test that shows a positive result, you can use that to identify someone who might have had mold exposure in the past.

If a person is a carrier, you should not test for mold at all.

If the person has a low microbial profile and there’s no reason to suspect that the person was exposed to the spores, you may be able to test for the presence of mold in their carpets using a microbial profile.

But the findings don’t mean that you should take mold tests every time you test your carpet.

Krakowski said that it’s important to be cautious about testing for mold in your carpet.

You should avoid cleaning carpets until you’re sure that the carpet is free of any mold spores you may have picked up, he said.

But even if you’re confident that you’ve tested your carpet, it’s still important to know that it is not mold.

“The most important thing is that you test it,” Kros, the microbiologist, said.

“That’s why you want to use the microbial profiling to predict what’s in your carpet.”

He said that this study should serve as a wake-up call to homeowners who are concerned about mold.

He also recommended testing for more than just the carp, but also other carpets and other surfaces.

He said the more tests you perform, the better you will be at predicting whether you have mold in a particular area.

“If you have an indoor carpet, you’re more likely than not to have mold,” he said, “and you should test for that.

But you should also test for other carpats and other surface areas.”

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