House Republicans call for new bill to address carpet and carpeting, commercial cleaner

House Republicans on Wednesday called for a new bill that would require carpet and commercial cleaning contractors to get government financing to cover the costs of cleaning their buildings.

The House Natural Resources Committee approved the bill on a party-line vote.

“We should have to clean up the places where we put our clothes, our shoes, our furniture,” Rep. Steve Pearce, R-Arizona, said.

“And that’s the first step in fixing the carpet and the carpeting.”

The House bill would create a “Cleaning of Government Facilities Act” to establish guidelines for cleaning contractors.

“It’s time for us to get back to the basics and to look at our facilities, look at what we’re paying for, and find out how we can get it in a cost-effective way,” Pearce said.

The bill is still in the House Rules Committee.

In an interview with Fox News, Pearce said the House has not yet received a recommendation from the White House for a formal executive order to help fix the problem.

The president, Pearce added, has been working with Congress and the White Houses office on the issue.

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