The real story behind a mysterious, seemingly endless carpet tape story

Recode staff writer Ben Mathis reports on a mysterious carpet tape that has been plaguing the internet for years.

In 2014, it was discovered that some websites were using the internet to track people’s locations without their consent.

And now, a new set of researchers say they’ve found a possible explanation.

The carpet tape is a software tool used by some of the internet’s largest and most popular web companies, including Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook, to track users’ locations without consent.

The company behind it, called TrackIt, claims it has been around for years and that the software has been used to track every move of its users.

But it’s never explained how or why.

A study published in the journal Scientific Reports has now offered a possible answer.

The researchers say that the carpet tape, which is supposed to track locations using GPS technology, is not as ubiquitous as it first seems.

The team has discovered that a number of the largest websites use the software to track their users’ location even when they’re not using it.

“We found a number that use the same method as we used, which we call ‘the carpet tape,'” co-author Andrew Knecht told Recode.

“So, we actually found that this method works quite well.

The carpet tape works quite effectively, it works quite efficiently.

It doesn’t require a lot of effort.

And it’s fairly inexpensive.”

The carpet-tracking software tracks users’ exact locations using a series of sensors on their feet.

The researchers say the software tracks these locations even when users aren’t using it, so there’s no need to opt-in.

The software is built on top of a GPS technology called TrackIo, which allows it to track user movements.

The company says the tracking technology is “highly scalable” and has been in use for at least 10 years.

However, the researchers say there’s another way the software works that makes it possible to track location without users consent.

It also works on devices that are connected to the internet, which means that a company could create an account for each user, and then it could use the information it collects to track the user’s location without their knowledge.

This allows the company to use the tracking software to map their locations to a single point, and not their exact location, without their permission.

The team has used this technique to track a number a users’ homes, schools, and businesses.

The research team says it is still working to find out the exact location of the carpet-tracking software and who is using it and why, but the researchers believe they have an explanation.

They also say the research indicates that the company has a vested interest in keeping users in the dark.

“The way we describe the technology in the paper, TrackIt is very well-intentioned and it’s very much in the public interest to keep the privacy of its customers, its users, and its users’ users hidden,” Knech said.

“But in the end, we have to say that it has the same goal as the other companies, which was to help them make money, and so we’re not really surprised to find that it’s working.”

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