How to find the best carpet in Melbourne

You can find the cheapest carpet at any price, but sometimes it’s worth picking up the extra cost for extra convenience.

Read more: The most expensive carpet in Australia, a new $10,000 carpet from Australian carpet company Lowes, was recently given a high rating in our carpet section.

It came with a “no warranty” label on the back.

Lowes said the warranty included a full refund if it breaks down.

“We can’t guarantee that it will work or last a year or two but we can guarantee that we will fix it and we will get it back to you,” Lowes owner, Paul Hargreaves, said.

The carpet was bought from Lowes’ Melbourne store for $1,100 and was placed in a suitcase.

Lowes has been making the carpet available at select Melbourne shops, including the Sydney Metro, since April.

But this week it went on sale at its Melbourne store.

It is currently available for $7,000.

“This is not the first time Lowes has made the carpet in this price range but it’s the first retail carpet we’ve made in that price range,” Mr Hargres said.

“There are some other carpet brands out there but this one’s pretty good.”

Lowes says the carpet is available at Lowes stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

It also has a store in Hobart and a store near Sydney’s airport.

“It’s really good for people that have a lot of furniture that they want to keep clean and tidy,” Mr Harr said.

Lowes is also offering a $1 discount on carpet purchases at its stores.

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