Irish carpet for sale in New York

Patio carpet and other furniture from the 1950s and 60s are now on the market in New Jersey.

The American company selling the furniture is American Furniture and Furniture Parts Inc., or AFFP, which also makes a variety of other items.

It has made the rug for sale for $2,600, but a new owner might pay a premium, said AFFF’s president, James M. Gannon, who is also a member of the board.

The rug was manufactured by New York-based Conexus, and is one of the largest of its kind in the country, according to Gannon.

It’s also among the most expensive in the U.S.

At least four other Coneusxus carpets are on sale in the New York area, and a few are being offered for sale.

The rug sold for $8,900 at Christie’s auction house, which is where Gannon bought it from.

A lot more are expected to be sold at Christie.

There are several variations on the Coneeus carpet, and Gannon said the Conesxus one is the most common.

The Coneseus carpet is made of wool and can be trimmed and sewn together in several ways, such as being lined with cotton and then sewn in with the wool, according a website called Conexus.

It has a three-foot length, and it comes in three colors: black, gray and white.

It is made in two colors, and some of them come with a leather-like wrap.

“It has a really distinctive look,” Gannon told The Associated Press.

“There’s a lot of interest out there in the CONESUSES and there’s so many other people out there who love this.”

The carpet has a long history, Gannon added.

The company was established in the early 1970s in the town of New Bern, N.J., and became one of New Jersey’s largest carpet companies, Gagan said.

Conesxus is also the parent company of American Furnishings and Furnishments Parts, which makes furniture and other home décor items, and American Home Furnish, which sells carpet and furniture supplies.

It also makes carpets and other items that are designed to be used for the home.

“If you’re a carpet buyer, you’re really going to like the carpet and want to make sure it’s good quality,” Gagan told the AP.

“They’re going to make a very attractive item for you.”

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