‘I don’t want to talk about it’: Footage shows carpet cleaner sprays fleas inside carpet

Posted April 15, 2018 05:00:00 The video, shot by a local resident, shows a dog’s foot, legs and paws being sprayed with a carpet cleaner sprayer as it is put through the pet’s living room.

The footage, which has since been viewed more than 2.5 million times, was taken on May 13.

The dog was found in the home with the carpet cleaner, and the homeowner says she was bitten by a flea.

“It was a fleas bite, but I don’t know what kind of fleas it was, but it wasn’t something that would be harmful to my dog,” said resident Kacey Lantz.

“We are concerned for the dog’s safety, because they’re on the outside of the house.”

Neighbours in the nearby town of Lakeview say the dog was attacked while in their yard.

“When we saw that, we ran out to the street to check on the dog,” resident James Koehler said.

“And then we saw him outside in the grass.

And he had a fleabite on his feet.”

The homeowner said the flea bit her hand and foot while the dog, which she named Burt, was outside.

The owner said she was given flea shots, but the fleas weren’t dangerous.

Lantz said the pet owner told her the fleabites are not harmful to dogs, and they will be released once the owner has a new dog.

She said the homeowner is also concerned about the dog in the backyard, because the dog may have been in contact with the pet, which is the first sign of a flebabite.

Lutz said she believes she will be able to have her pet back.

“I don.t think the fleebites are harmful to any other pets, I don.m sure they’re not, but they can cause problems with any pet,” she said.

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